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Frozen Chicken Carcass

How Our Frozen Chicken carcass is processed

To ensure we preserve the quality of the Frozen Chicken carcass, we take the chicken through a strict process. The process helps to maintain not only the quality and freshness of the chicken carcass but also provides a standard way of operation on all our meat products. Here is a detailed description of the processing of Frozen Chicken Carcass.

1. Preprocessing Stage

In the preprocessing stage, we select the chicken we want to slaughter according to their weight and the required standards of our company. Secondly, we ensure that we take the chicken of their food for at least 6-8 hours before slaughter. Food withdrawal for the chicken reduces the chances of contamination during the other processing stages. After 6-8 hours have passed, we later transport the chicken to the slaughtering location and begin step two.

2. Slaughtering

On arriving in the slaughter area, our employees pick each chicken up and use chains to hang the bird down for a total of 6-7 minutes. The live hanging of the chicken is the first stage of the slaughtering process. The second stage begins with the chicken passing through a stunning electric appliance. After the stunning is complete using an electric machine, we slowly transport the chicken to an auto-kill machine. The auto-kill machine marks the beginning of the actual slaughtering process. We use machines for most of our chicken process since they help reduce the chances of chicken contamination.

3. Evisceration

After the slaughtering process is complete, the chicken carcass is passed to the evisceration area. In the evisceration area, we unhang the chicken from its shackles and pass them through the partitioning machine. Here we begin by cutting the chicken feet and moving the carcass through another line. Our employees pick up the chicken and begin hanging each one manual for it to undergo the second stage of evisceration. The process moves to the removal of the oil gland, intestines, gallbladder, and spleen. After the first four parts are removed, the remaining chicken carcass is cleaned.

4. Secondary processing

The secondary processing of the chicken involves cutting up the chicken and taking out the vital parts of the chicken like the gizzard, liver, heart, breasts, and wings. These parts are later portioned and separated from other chicken products. To ensure we preserve the chicken carcass, it undergoes another processing procedure. The further processing procedure is freezing. The freezing temperatures of the chicken go as low as -34F depending on the method of freezing we use. After the freezing process is complete, we begin packing the frozen chicken carcass.

5. Packaging and shipping

Like mentioned earlier, we package frozen chicken carcass in a 15kg carton. The packaging depends on the requirements of our clients. For instance, if you require a skinless frozen chicken carcass, we ensure we place it in your packaged order. We have an efficient delivery system that ensures we deliver all our clients' orders right at their doorstep. Our frozen Chicken carcass is 100% fresh. For packages that require shipping, we ensure that you get your chicken carcass fresh despite the distance. Our Frozen Chicken Carcass is quality you can trust.


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  • Product Name: Frozen Chicken Carcass
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