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Frozen Chicken Thigh Boneless Skin on


Chicken Thighs are a particular favorite for a majority of people due to their soft nature and the plenty of meat they have. However, people prefer their chicken thighs differently. Some prefer their chicken thighs boneless with skin on while others prefer their thighs boneless and skinless. We offer both options to our clients. Frozen chicken thighs that are boneless are a preference for most people because it is not a tedious task trying to remove or cook the meat. Chicken thighs are nutritious and pack them in 15kg cartons. We sell our frozen chicken products at a relatively cheap price in comparison with other chicken thigh products available in the market. The best thing about purchasing our boneless skin-on chicken thighs is that you can easily find recipes to use and prepare a delicious chicken thigh meal. The cooking method you use adds flavor to the chicken thighs. We also deliver quality to all our clients. The freshness of the chicken thighs is crucial when it comes to the quality of our chicken thighs.

Why you should choose our Frozen Chicken Thigh Boneless skin on?

First, we maintain high-level hygiene with all our chicken products. This gives the impression of the quality of the product is and why you should choose it. Second, our packaging is satisfactory for all our customers. Thirdly, to make sure that this product stays fresh for longer, it has a moisture level of below 5% and it is, therefore, fresh and frozen. Fourth, the Frozen Chicken Thigh Boneless skin on is with no bruise or blood and unlike mainstream chicken products, it has no bad smell nor bloodstains. The other reasons why this is a product specifically for you include the fact that it is not packed with chicken feathers and the chicken bones are intact and not broken. When being delivered, the customer has the ultimate choice on how the whole package should look like and this is the concept of customized delivery that should give the potential buyer another choice to choose this Frozen Chicken Thigh Boneless skin on. The final reason why this is the ultimate choice for Frozen Chicken Thigh Boneless skin includes the fact that the customer can buy it in relatively small sizes of 10kgs either packed in polythene or inboxes.


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  • Product Name: Frozen Chicken Thigh Boneless Skin on
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