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Well Packed Frozen Chicken Paws

When it comes to chicken products, there is nothing to throw away. Each product has a specific purpose it is meant to fulfill in society. Even the chicken feathers are useful to some communities. The same applies to chicken paws. Chicken paws are delicious to some communities in the world. We ensure we provide the market with quality frozen chicken paws. Our chicken paws are affordable and we package them in a 20 kg carton size. These chicken paws are nutritious despite the common belief of chicken paws being a discarded chicken item. People have come up with recipes that allow them to enjoy the chicken paws. You can also easily access one such recipe from online sources to help you make the chicken paws as delicious as possible. The quality of our chicken paws comes from the chicken we select during the processing stage.


 Grade A
 Shelflife 12 months. Average weight/feet: 40 - 45gr
 Bones  Less than 2%
 Water Content Less than 5%
 Black Spot Less than 5%
Appearance and coloration  White & mid purple 




  • Category: Chicken Parts
  • Product Name: Well Packed Frozen Chicken Paws
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