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Frozen Chicken Drumstick

 Element  Entire
 function  Nutritious, Low-Suger, Low-crab
 Nutrients   Grade A
 Weight From 1. Three kg up to two. Five kg
 Kind  Chicken 
Version Number  Bird Drumstick bone-in skin-on
Product Call Hen drumstick bone-in pores and ski-on
 Freezing Technique Bqf
 Shelf Life 18 months

Chicken drumsticks are known to be the best source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This is the reason why chicken drumsticks are preferred by people. We are known to be the most genuine chicken drumstick supplier who has been selling top-quality chicken drumsticks. You can eat drumsticks in any manner. Either you can opt for eating the chicken drumsticks by frying them or you can eat them breaded. While packing the chicken drumsticks, we specially take care of the hygienic packing of them to ensure there are no chances of contamination. We pack the chicken products in air-tight packing so that moisture does not ruin the taste of the food items. So, place your order for chicken drumsticks today from us!!


  • Category: Chicken Parts
  • Product Name: Frozen Chicken Drumstick
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